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Throne of Seal episode 51 Watch online: In the previous episode, Haochen rescued Cai Er and became the captain of his demon-hunting team. In further episodes, we could see that, Lin Xin takes Haochen and his team for the dinner. Discussing their strength and weaknesses they figure out some important things so that they can perform well as a team together. If you are one, who is following the anime series Throne of Seal for a longer time, and are excited for Episode 51, we have got you covered here.

Recap For Throne of Seal episode 51

In Throne of Seal, Hao Chen believes he could be able to rescue Cai’Er, so he breaks the Power in an effort to be less distant from her. Only Hao Chen can save Cai’Er from suffering since the swords in her heart keep her honing due to him. Then, Hao Chen goes back to Cai’Er’s childhood to recognize every event that involved her revealing himself with their eyes. As the Cai Er doll has been changed into a huge monster, Hoa Chen now finally being able to discover himself in a strange location with a recurring nightmare.

It takes Hoachen to continue his hold to be responsible for Cai’Er’s state. He assures her that he will always be by her side by holding her. After that, Cai’Er relaxes and both get awakened in a single bed together. Hao Chen withdraws, and Cai’ Er examines his wounds. Although, Grandpa Yang discusses the event from Yesterday in which he lost blood losing his control. Despite the delays today the selection ceremony now go place today. Everyone is more excited to watch the entry of Hao Chen and Cai’Er into the arena in good health.

Throne of Seal Episode 51 Release Date and Time

Fans will become happy to know about the release date of a popular Chinese actor and fantasy anime series. Throne of Seal Episode 51 is releasing on April 20, 2023. You guys can watch this episode in different time zone as mentioned below:

  • Eastern Standard Time – 9:00 pm on 20th April
  • Indian Standard Time – 7:30 pm on 20th April
  • Greenwich Mean Time – 1:00 pm on 20th April
  • Pacific Standard Time – 6:00 am on 20th April

Throne of Seal Episode 51 – Where to Watch?

Fans can easily stream Throne of Seal episode 51 on the Tencent Video-Animation YouTube channel and We TV. Cai Er’s mother went to meet her in the novel, maybe this part could be skipped in the anime but present in the manga. Also with the soft embrace of Car Er Haochen get surprised. Yang Wen Zhao can easily now choose their comrades from the arena once finished selecting the teammates. He will be glad to think that he better teammate compared to the group of Haochen.

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