Pokemon Horizons Series Episode 3 release date, time, where to watch ep eng sub online

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Pokemon Horizons Series Episodes: The people who are aware of the happenings in the last episode of the Pokemon Horizons Series must make it clear, that the previous episode of the series showed is not much better than of old pilot episodes of Pokemon. With the character’s introduction, they surely did an extremely marvelous job and other things like World-building, pacing, and everything else. Liko appears to be a great replacement for Ash Ketchum in the series, Lico similar to him struggles to get along with her starter Pokemon, Sprigatito. Sprigattito is a grass-type Pokemon in this series.

Pokemon Horizons Series Episode 3 release date, time, where to watch Ep eng sub online

The Pokemon Horizon series making attention to the mysterious pendant till now, and it had been given to Lico by his grandmother. The significance of this mysterious pendant is unknown till the moment. However, it seems that there are outside forces attempting to obtain it. Similar to that Team Rocket in the Classic Pokemon series they appear to take the role in this series.

Frieda, the Rising Vortechers’ leader steps in to save her from them. But it is not revealed what can the pendant actually does, how much power it holds with itself is unknown till now. While Frieda when occupying Ameijio, Lico attempted to flee from it. On the other hand, Amejio noticed the attack of Lico from behind, and before she hits, she is engulfed in a bright light as we see her unharmed within a force field.

Release Date – The people who are much curious about knowing more about the release date of the Pokemon Horizon Series, upcoming episodes of the series will be out on Friday, April 21, 2023. 

Pokemon Horizons Series Episode 3 Release Date & Time

This week the Pokemon Horizons Series Episode 3 release date will be released. For all international readers, the series will be streamed as per their region’s time zone such as:

Pacific Daylight Time: 2:55 AM.

Central Daylight Time: 4:55 AM.

Eastern Daylight Time: 5:55 AM.

British Summer Time: 10:55 AM.

Central European Time: 11:55 AM.

Indian Standard Time: 3:25 PM.

Chinese Standard Time: 5:55 PM.

Singapore Standard Time: 5:55 PM.

Philippines Standard Time: 5:55 PM.

Japanese Standard Time: 6:55 PM.

Korean Standard Time: 6:55 PM.

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