Ares FC 14 Fighters Salaries | Lebout vs Staropoli Purses Payouts

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Ares FC 14 Fighters Salaries: The official fight card of Ares FC 14 has been announced recently. The main event will be taking place between Mickael Lebout and Laureano Starpoli. The selected Dôme de Paris venue is in Paris, France for the fights. The official coverage will be held by UFC fight pass also for the streaming rights for Ares FC 14 pay-per-view. Ares FC 14 salaries purses payouts that are based on the Fighter’s contracts reportedly, as a result of it some fighter’s payouts are estimated.

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Ares FC 14 Fighters Salaries

Fighters Purses
Mickael Lebout $25k
Laureano Staropoli $12k
Gisele Moreira $10k
Melissa Dixon $6k
Ivana Petrović $6k
Ewelina Woźniak $3k
Robert Valentin $2.5k
Pietro Penini $2k
Jacky Jeanne $1.5k
Alejandro Arcas $1k
Luthando Biko $5k
Samir Faiddine $5k
Darya Zheleznyakova $2.5k
Marie Loiseau $2.5k
Jawany Scott $1k
Gregory Wamytan $1k
Manuela Marconetto $1.5k
Iony Razafiarison $1.5k
Mohamad Baillot $1k
Jakub Kaczmarski $1k

Who Will Be The Highest Paid Ares FC 14?

According to some reports, in the year 2020, the details describing how much top-paid fighters earn Ares FC was revealed. The report shows that main event fighters earn up to $20k to $40k for a fight including win bonuses and performance bonuses. Fighters purse is goes increasing after each pay-per-view. Mickael Lebout who is defending AFC Interim Welterweight title earned the guaranteed $25k and his earnings got hiked to $75k which includes bonuses (win and performance).

However, apart from it, Laureano Staropoli managed to defeat Lebout, and his earnings also got increased to $24k including a win bonus with a performance-based bonus earnings maximum of $44k. More details based on the FC 14 salaries purses payouts for all the fighters will be getting updated as the event ends. 

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