Hell’s Paradise English dub release and voice cast actors characters

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Currently, the third highest-rated show is Hell’s Paradise from the 2023 spring schedule after an amazing start with its season 1 broadcast. The most recent work by Studio MAPPA is being loved by numerous anime fans, but excited for the release of the English dub too.

Hell’s Paradise English Dub Release Date

The release date for the English dub of Hell’s Paradise could be seen on Saturday, April 15, on Crunchyroll finally. The English dub airing in the three weeks after its original series is not scheduled for the precise release time but it’s anticipated to be made accessible up to four hours after the current episode is available in the Japanese Sub.

Hell’s Paradise English Dub Cast, Voice Actors

The majority of the Hell’s Paradise English voice has been recently revealed to all the fans by Crunchyroll:

  • Yuruziha is being voiced by Jill Harris (Suletta in Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch from Mercury, Nino from Natsume’s Book of Friends).
  • Shion is voiced by Reagan Murdock (Aki in Chainsaw Man)
  • Tenza is being voiced by Ben Balmaceda.
  • Nurugai is being voiced by Cassie Ewulu (Akira in Kemono Jihen)
  • Senta voiced by Jordan Dash Cruz.
  • Gabimaru is being voiced by Alejandro Saab (Mirai in Platinum End)
  • Sagiri voiced by Marisa Duran (Hana in Aoashi)
  • Chobe is being voiced by Nazeeh Tarsha. Toma is voiced by Matt Shipman (Rin in BLUELOCK)

More About Hell’s Paradise English Dub

The Character of Gabimaru The Hollow, a former Shinboi who was executed for clan resisting captured by the police, is the subject of the novel Hell’s Paradise. Moreover, Gabimaru is cold and emotionless, he wants to be get killed, and as there is no form of execution that seems to work on him at the very last second, his body refuses to perish. Unfortunately, the enigmatic Sagiri has been watching from the sidelines to the Gabimaru’s predicament.

Gabimaru ultimately understands that he does want to live in the final minutes before Sagiri has him killed; if not for himself, then at least he left behind for his wife. The bad news is that things are going to get much worse prior to they get better.

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