Jared Anderson vs George Arias Purse Payouts | What Will be PPV Share for Both Boxers?

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Jared Anderson vs George Arias Purse Payouts: The co-main event of the upcoming pay-per-view that has been bought between Stevenson and Yoshino which had been announced recently. Also apart from it, the fight card is also revealed and it’s confirmed that Jared Anderson will be against George Arias for the fight. The Fight will be officially broadcasted on ESPN and ESPN+. Jared Anderson George Arias purse payouts for the fight have been also revealed, these earnings will not be including the pay-per-view shares.

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Jared Anderson vs George Arias Purse Payouts

Boxers Purses PPV Share
Jared Anderson $200k N/A
George Arias $75k N/A

How Much Does Jared Anderson Earn For A Fight?

According to the reports, Jared Anderson will earn a guaranteed purse of $200k for the fight and the pay-per-view will be not included for the boxers. Defeated two boxers in the past year defeated (Miljan Rovcanin and Jerry Forrest) domination over them at age of 23. US media outlets report the past year in 2022 Jared Anderson earned $100k for the fight against Rovcanin and Jerry Forest.

Fight Record: 13 bouts – 13 Wins

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What will be share in the upcoming PPV for George Arias?

From the Dominican Republic, George Arias is a great pro boxer. Also apart from it, he currently holds a winning streak of 18 fights, and Will the Anderson will break that winning streak this week on the 8th of April will be interesting to look out for. Arias will be in the co-main event, he won’t earn less than $60k to $75 for the fight. Now no promoter has revealed any kind of bonuses for the boxers if some details come out they will be included later in this report.

Fight Record: 18 bouts – 18 Wins

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