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Who is Parth Momaya?

Parth Momaya is a chemistry teacher who is teaching chemistry subjects online on YouTube to more than 3 lakh students online from the pandemic of covid-19 and helped many students for clearing their doubts and questions and answers online with the help of his YouTube channel.

  • Name: Parth Momaya
  • Age: 26
  • Status: Unmarried
  • Qualifications: MSc in inorganic chemistry
  • Teaches: Chemistry for Class VIII to XII
  • Subscribers: 3 lakh+ (YouTube)
  • Instagram: @parth_momaya

Parth Momaya Sir’s Biography

During the covid period, we have seen many people showing their creativity among being prominent of them some people started teaching online to students in order to continue their education as per the needs of their syllabus. Parth Momaya Sir is also one of them, teaching subjects like Science 1 and Science 2 for the students on their youtube channel firstly after then, it started teaching on the unacademy. In this article know everything about Parth Momaya Sir, because there were many questions were raised about Parth Momaya’s wife, age, phone number, family, etc.

Parth Momaya Age

The age of Parth Momaya Sir is about 26 years, and have more than 3 lakh+ subscribers on his youtube channel. This depicts the hard work done by them at the age of 26, not only it is inspiring but also it shows his dedication to teaching the students.

Parth Momaya Wife

There is a curiosity among many people to know about Parth Momaya’s wife name, so they will be going to shocked. Because Parth Momaya is unmarried. According to their FB profile, this is known to us.

Parth Momaya Family

Parth Momaya Sir lives with her mom in Mumbai, Maharashtra. He has been inspired by his mom for the teaching because he used to watch the teaching lectures conducted by his mom in their house.

Parth Momaya Instagram

The Instagram username of Parth Momaya Sir is @parth_momaya, if you want to visit their profile you surely check it, pictures are shared by them in his insta profile.

Parth Momaya Website

The name of Parth Momaya’s Website is which has been established recently by him for the student. This site helps the students to obtain the Parth Momaya notes pdf, Parth Momaya question bank, Parth Momaya video lectures, Parth Momaya telegram channel, Parth Momaya chemistry notes, etc.

Parth Momaya Qualification

Parth Momaya is an inorganic chemistry teacher who studied at Ramnarain Ruia College. He had done MSc in inorganic chemistry and now leaves in Mumbai having more than 7 years of teaching experience he is now a formal lecturer at Mahesh Tutorials Pvt Ltd.

Parth Momaya YouTube Channel

Momaya, began his YouTube divert during the pandemic and has previously acquired 3 lakh+ supporters. He shoots from his room, however presently his mom’s green saree has been supplanted with an appropriate chroma cloth, and the Android telephone has given way to an iPhone. A PC acquired from a companion is utilized for altering the talks and a collar receiver has been purchased for better sound. Also Check Other Latest Information on our home page – click here.


Who is Parth Momaya?

Parth Momaya is a chemistry teacher who lives in Mumbai.

What is the Age of Parth Momaya?

The age of Parth Momaya is 26 years.

What is Parth Momaya Wife’s name?

Parth Momaya sir is unmarried yet.

What is Parth Momaya Website’s name?

The name of the Parth Momaya Website is

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