Sebastian Fundora vs Brian Mendoza Purse Payouts | How Much PPV Money Awarded to Boxers?

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Sebastian Fundora vs Brian Mendoza Purse Payouts: This upcoming weekend, the main pay-per-view in boxing is going to be scheduled between Sebastian, Fundora, and Brian Mendoza will take place. Also, the fight is being confirmed and it will be held at Dignity Sports Health Park, Carson, California in the United States. The co-main event of the pay-per-view has been also announced, and Pedro Campa will be fighting against Brandun Lee. The purse payouts of the Sebastian Fundora Brian Mendoza will be based on their contact with promotion and accepted bids will be updated.

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Sebastian Fundora vs Brian Mendoza Purse Payouts

Boxers Purses PPV Shares Total Payouts
Sebastian Fundora $425k N/A $425k
Brian Mendoza $100k N/A $100k

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How Much Does Sebastian Fundora Earn From PPV?

The undefeated Sebastian Fundora will be earning the guaranteed purse of $425k from the Pay-per-view fight in this upcoming match. He holds his winning streak since 2016 and remained undefeated. Returning to the boxing ring after October 2022, he dominated the various opponents of Carlos Ocampo in the previous fight. There are not many details have been out about the Fundora pay-per-view share, if he awarded some extra money in form of PPV points then the details will be updated later.

Brian Mendoza is around 23-year-old pro boxer coming from the United States. It is his career’s biggest fight and highest purse ever. Well, he will be earning a guaranteed $100k for the fight. He also defeated his opponent (Jeison Rosario) back in November 2022 to get the title shot against Sebastian Fundora. Further More Details about the Sebastian Fundora Brian Mendoza purse will be going updated after the fight.

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