G Herbo Net Worth

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G Herbo Net Worth

G Herbo Net Worth
G Herbo Net Worth

G Herbo Net Worth Polo G is an American rapper signed to Red Music, Cinematic Music Group, with a net worth of $3 million. G Herbo is an American rapper and singer-songwriter, who gained critical acclaim for his first music cassette. After becoming active in 2012, the rapper made his official debut with the mixtape Welcome To Fazoland in 2014. G Herbs, who originally gained attention for his track Kill Shit, recorded it alongside his cousin, rapper Lil Bibby.

In the early days of Herbert Randall Wright III, G Herbo collaborated with Lil Bibby on the track called Kill Shit, which went viral on Youtube, racking up over 40 million views. In Herbert Randall Wright III’s initial days, G Herbo collaborated with Lil Bibby on a song called Kill Shit which became viral on Youtube with more than 40 million views.

G Herbo's Net Worth
G Herbo’s Net Worth

G Herbo Net Worth

The duo was also called hip-hop future. G Herbo and Lil Bibby gained further notoriety with rapper Drake calling them rappers of the future. G Herbo joined a wave of a few other up-and-coming rappers, starting to release tracks on YouTube.

After posting many singles, G Herbo released a pair of mixtapes, which were moderately successful. When G Herbo released his first new album, Kill Shit, then received a lot of attention. When he and Lill Babby were good friends. Starting in April 2014, G Herbo got more fame when he released his first single Chiraq featuring the singer known as Nicki Minaj.

G Herbo is among one of the best rising rappers in the music industry, already collecting a good amount of money out of his passion. Since entering the hip-hop industry, G Herbos made impressive strides in becoming one of the best rappers. G Herbos net worth has been on the rise, as he is undoubtedly amongst the fastest-rising American rappers.

G Herbo gained much fame from his first mixtape Welcome To Fazoland, and the rapper has released a number of successful pieces since. In the early years of G Herbo, he started making music and was finally signed by Cinematic Music Group in 2014. After signing with Cinematic Music Group in September 2015, G Herbo changed his stage name from Lil Herb to G Herbo.

The rapper’s efforts as an artist were starting to gain some traction, and he signed one of his first contracts in September 2015, with Cinematic Music Group and Sony Music, one of Americas biggest music labels. G Herbo started trying to follow in the footsteps of popular rappers like Gucci Mane and Young Jeezy, taking major risks in an attempt to kickstart his rap career.

As he got older, he started listening to artists that were his favorites, like Jeezy, Lil Wayne, Meek Mill, Yo Gotti, Gucci Mane, and Nas, a rapper. Growing up, G Herbos looked up to some of the biggest rap icons in the world, like Lil Wayne, Meek Mill, Gucci Mane, Yo Gotti, and Jeezy. G Herbo started recording songs with his cousin, Lil Bibby, when he was young, and they eventually released them to YouTube. G Herbo became best friends with fellow Chicago rapper Lil Bibby, with whom he collaborated on a few hit singles.

By working hard and networking within the rap industry, G Herbo has established himself as an independent artist and self-made millionaire. The rapper has always wanted to do better for himself and his family, living on the infamous South Side of Chicago.

While he is currently signed to Machine Entertainment Group, the rapper has released four studio albums under his parent’s label as well as through a mix of other various music labels. In 2016, G Herbo came out with the release of 4 tracks including, Drop, Pull Up, Yeah I Know, and As Not Nothing To Me, all of which is off of his forthcoming album.

On December 26, 2014, the American singer released his second music cassette entitled, Pistol P Project. Following the success of the mixtape, G Herbo released his first full-length studio album, Humble Beast, on September 22, 2017. In late 2015, he announced a surprise single called “Lord Knows”, featuring professional rapper Joey Badass. G Herbo has also released additional singles, including “Yes I Know”, “Rise Up”, “Drop”, and “Be Nothing To Me”.

Herbo collaborated with rapper Joey Bada$$ for the song Lord Knows, released on November 11, 2015. G Herbo started off with Welcome To Fazoland, and after producing it, never looked back, and released others including Piston P Project and Ballin Like I am Kobe, which is some of his incredible tracks.

The rappers $3 million net worth has allowed G Herbo to live the best life possible, wearing some of the hottest clothes, and the latest cars including the $100k Jeep Trackhawk that he received from his girlfriend, G63, and Rolls Royce. Herbert Randall Wright III, best known by his stage name G Herbo, (formerly Lil Herb), is an American rapper and singer-songwriter from Chicago, Illinois.

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